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Employment Lawyers Can Protect Your Job

Employment attorneys, employment discrimination lawyers, protect your job

If the individual is disabled whether it is in-born or acquired while growing up, it is very important that employers must not be able to discriminate any because it is against the law. In fact ADA or American with Disabilities Act forbids any discrimination. ADA accommodation lawyers are type of employment lawyer that capable of assisting any employee that has been discriminated. They are the ones that will ensure that their action will be based on the laws of ADA.

Employment Contracts
When you sign a certain contract or agreement between you and your employer, it is required that you have to follow the agreements when it comes to benefits, salary, employment as well as pledge not to compete. It is also included in the contracts the disclosure contracts between the employee and the employer. It means that you must not tell your company’s trade secrets to its rival company. If the company finds out that you did a certain action that is unacceptable you can be accused of breach of contract, the employment lawyer can help you make some defenses, if you think that you are right.

Employment Discrimination
Employment discrimination is one of the most common cases of issues between the employer and the employee or employee to employee. It can be explained as being unfair or prejudice just because of the person’s race, age, religion, sex, disability, national origin and even pregnancy and others. The above mentioned reasons are unacceptable in some states and even unintentional discrimination can put employer to a legal persecution. Moreover, even though the discrimination laws are present, it is still hard to establish a employment related cases.

Pensions and Benefits
These two factors are very important advantages for the employees. It means that, when they are working on a certain company, they must receive benefits that are appropriate for their status as a worker whether it is a contractual or permanent, a worker still entitles to have benefits. However, there are exclusions, if your job is on call, benefits and pension is not applicable. Pension is a type of benefit or money that a retired employee may get from the government or Social Security.

Sexual Harassment
Sexual harassment is an illegal act at usually happens at the workplace. For you to be able to avoid being sexually harassed by your co-worker or superior is to avoid and must be aware with your interaction with each and every one of your colleagues. However, there are some employees that files a fake sexual harassment charges, which can affect the lives of innocent person as well as damaging their reputation in public. Employment lawyers are the ones that can handle case like this wherein they must assist the client.

Wages and Overtime Pay
Fair Labor Standard Act lawyers are responsible for establishing the required federal minimum wage as well as the definition of full time work. It may vary from state to state. However, each employer is still required on providing its employees the correct and acceptable wages as well as to provide overtime pay and other mandatory payment that they must provide their employee.

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Updated Salvatore Marabondo, Esq

Contact name:
Address: 921 Bergen Avenue, Suite 915
City: Jersey City
Category:   New Jersey
Updated Salvatore Marabondo, Esq

Contact name:
Address: 921 Bergen Avenue, Suite 915
City: Jersey City
Category:   New Jersey

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